A team of telecommunications specialists has experience in all areas of telecommunications. Our understanding of the often conflicting goals of the operator, regulatory agencies. Our lawyers provide advices considering U.S. telecommunications network, especially the consultations in order to prepare the documentation for license applications for the public network and telecommunications services, negotiating, financing, services, purchasing of the telecommunications equipment.


We cross include practice of attorney from our office in the area of technology, ownership relations, corporate areas, financing, intellectual property, tax and dispute resolution teams, to ensure the treatment of all legal aspects within a project.

Law Office Kosic

The permanent team of Law Office Kosic are highly professional and experienced individuals with education acquired in the country and abroad who are engaged as attorneys, legal trainees, lawyers, professional consultants and associates. Depending on the specific request of the client, the team is made of individuals who are, in a professional and efficient manner, always ready to respond to requests.

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