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Banking And Tax Law

Law Office Kosic understands the needs and expectations of clients in the field of financial transactions. Due to the extensive experience, we are able to provide, in one place, a wide range of services to achieve clients’ requirements. In this field the Office, for its clients, provides consulting and advising services in contracting large loan arrangements through the detailed routing of all collateral.

Law Office Kosic has developed a long-standing practice in representing banks, financial institutions and represents a large number of financial institutions, banks, leasing companies and insurance companies. Approach to this area involves multidisciplinary teams, which are able to support these clients in all daily needs and strategic goals.

The particularly important is our cross-practice and cross-border focus, producing a series of expert analysis in the opening lines of credit, with a detailed introduction of corporate structures and available means of security.

Specific financial derivatives and institutes that are professionally and practically implemented in practice, financial investments and financing of transactions, including funds based on financing, credit and other facilities, trade financing, investments of development banks and non-investment credit lines, commercial paper, lease transactions, factoring transactions, portfolio sale transactions, disputes of interest rates and other capital market transactions.

Connect with consulting and broker firms for the realization of the various banking services. The office is engaged in providing services in tax consulting, which is the basis for the realization of every commercial contract and efficient business.

Office provides tax consulting services to the client, not only in the privatization process, but also in the field of Corporate law, with the aim to provide complete service to he client, and that he meets with all the investment risks and benefits, and with the best ways and forms of implementation investment. Consultations are also provided in the area of tax law at the international level with linkage with the Tax sector of the Office.

Our goal is that in the rapid expansion of tax regulations we find the financial techniques in order to achieve tax refunds and credits. Tax law is one of the largest and most important area of law in which even the smallest clients’ transactions deserves the deepest analysis of the country and abroad.

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Banking And Tax Law

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