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Criminal Responsibility And Offences

It is in a constant growth white collar crime, liability of the companies and also the increase of the number of accusations for abuse of official position, for crimes of bribery and corruption, abuse of market, competition / antimonopoly and fraud.

Law Office Kosic, in order to protect the interests of his client, in collaboration with legal team of the offices Fila, which is the most prestigious and most famous team in this area, with by far the largest and most successful practice in the region in this area.

In operation and business it often leads to neglect of some regulations which are the differentia specifica of this region which could seriously threaten the business of members of management.

In this sense, in certain areas, it is at utmost importance to obtain a high professional advice in counseling in major business transactions.

In cooperation with colleagues, we represent corporations, business entities and individuals, in each stage of business risk – from legislative oversight to the development of proactive compliance programs and enforcement of internal controls and investigations and provide advice in the course of criminal or regulatory investigations, in particular defense of the clients, collecting evidence before the domestic and international courts and bodies.

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Criminal Responsibility And Offences

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